The act of removing your penis (and testicles, if you wish) and resting it/them on the face of a sleeping person so it looks like they have a long nose (the penis) that Gonzo from the Muppets had
That one guy passed out at the party and I gave him a gonzo.
by poo February 24, 2003
A term used to describe the firmness of a male penis after looking at a female. This term is usually used in between a "Chub" and "Full Erection/Straight up."
"The stripper wasn't that hot, she only gave me a gonzo."

(After a good night) "Damn if I wasn't drunk she would have gotten a Straight up; instead she had to have fun with my Gonzo."
by N. Hayward August 14, 2008
Though commonly associate with a distinct style of porn, the term "gonzo" can also refer to type of penis that looks very similar to Gonzo the Muppet's nose. They can also take the shape of some kitchen faucets. Sources of a gonzo penis can include, breaking your boner, jerking off negligently, or being born unlucky.

Males having a gonzo commonly must have sex by closing immitating the mating patterns of a gorilla - known as gorillas style.
Dude, I didn't mean to stare, but you have a total gonzo dong... did you break that thing? It kinda looks like Owen Wilson's nose.
by dawkinsb March 15, 2008
one of the founding fathers of modern skate culture. Also the name of one of the first skateboarder owned and operated lines relaunched in 2007 as modern gonzo
Gonzo founded modern gonzo
by nsh1212 March 07, 2008
Gonzo is a police officer with a cocaine habit.
Hey gonzo your a cop why are you taking my blow Manna. Gary stop snorting all the evidence just like they say gonzo.
by Tim O September 18, 2007
Of or pertaining to an abnormal curvature of the penis (typically bending toward the ground)
My boyfriend's gonzo cock hits all the right places when we are banging.
by Brendan Popper September 06, 2007
one of the cutest muppets around!!
Gonzo has a big blue nose and he knows how to use it
by LINDAR June 02, 2006

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