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When a man places his testicles in a womans eye sockets and then lays his penis out over her nose, similar to the muppet character Gonzos facial features

Dude, that chick got the gonzo, pwned!!

#the gonzo #the gonz #the big g #the muppet surprise #jim hensen's love contribution
by Urban Dictionary July 15, 2006
To perform a 'Gonzo', simply place your balls over your partner's eyes and let your penis fall over her nose. She now resembles Gonzo from the muppets.
Dude, I totally gave that bitch the gonzo last night.
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by Lee Hardin March 02, 2008
You place your balls in the eye sockets of a person and lay your dick over their nose so they resemble Gonzo from Jim Henson's muppets.
I gave Charles the Gonzo last night and he still has my taint smear on his forehead.
#arabian goggles #angry bronco #angry pirate #angry dragon #houdini
by Tobe Pierce July 10, 2008
Whilst a man places both of his testicles in the eye sockets of a recipient, he then places his Semi- erect penis along the bridge of the recipients nose; the penis should be "floppy" as to create the curve of Gonzo's nose effectively.
"HAHAHA. you look like Gonzo!! The Gonzo looks great on you honey, now lick my ass"
#arabian sandgoggles #sex moves #texas ranchhand #texas windtunnel #narwhal
by TranslucentAnalBeads February 02, 2015
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