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A seemingly acceptable place to say nigger out loud, and crack racist jokes.
Frank: Lets go play a round of golf at the Golf Course.

Tom: Sounds like a plan, its the only place where there ain't no niggers.

Frank: You bet Tommy ol' boy.

Tom: Boy do I love being racist.
by JP25 November 13, 2007
A place where black people are not allowed.

A suburban cesspool, where Republicans over the age of 50 unite.
Try playing some other wussy sport, like Tennis.
by momenti December 15, 2004
A large area of land used for golf, a sport involving knocking around a small ball with a stick and walking after it.
The American Dream: the homeless take over all the golf courses.
by LudwigVan December 07, 2003
Sex which involves a man sticking his dick in a girl's mouth, pussy, and ass.
"Hey man! Did she let you stick your dick in every hole?" "Yes she did, I played her like a golf course and played every hole."
by stucke01 December 26, 2012
a) the playing area for the sport of golf

b) To riddle (n.) with so many wounds that one could play golf on thier body.
"I was at the golf course"

"I golf coursed him"
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 26, 2004
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