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7 definitions by momenti

One of the sickest anime characters ever. Gendo kicks ass without ever having to lift a finger.
"Well done... Sinji"
by momenti November 27, 2004
94 18
A forgotten movie, starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage.
They went to Alkatraz to fight Ed Harris.
by momenti November 27, 2004
140 87
A place where black people are not allowed.

A suburban cesspool, where Republicans over the age of 50 unite.
Try playing some other wussy sport, like Tennis.
by momenti December 15, 2004
116 80
1) To be on the recieving end of a stealth kill.

2) When Solid Snake kicks your ass.
Person 1 sneaks behind Person 2 and snaps his neck. Person 2 just got solid snaked.
by momenti December 15, 2004
38 5
A fat guy driving in a fast car.
He's fat... He's furious... Look out.
by momenti December 15, 2004
17 7
some big, hairy mexican guy that lives across the street.
I think I saw him in Star Wars.
by momenti November 28, 2004
6 5
Bastard spawn of one of the best RPGs ever made. Chrono Cross was a disgrace to Chrono Trigger.

see crap
The characters look stupid. The plot sucks. This game belongs in a toilet. FUCK CHRONO CROSS. LONG LIVE CHRONO TRIGGER!!!
by momenti December 06, 2004
30 78