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Being able to spell "genius" correctly.
Guy 1: Dude I'm such a genius!
Guy 2: Right you are
by Snux July 19, 2009
7 11
Something that is realy cool and smart/ creative.
Sidney-- "Hey im going to get some icecream tonight for the party"

Amanda--"Omg thats genius"
by youkinwit8910 July 05, 2009
4 8
when youre normally an idiot and you do something that you didnt expect and it wound up being smart just look at some one and say "genius"

also used when youre normally really smart and you do something stupid
"i can't believe you made a bong out of that"

"i know right."

"dude, genius."
by zaxhall August 04, 2008
3 10
Someone who is called a genius.
Ex: "Your a genius."
by Greensbr March 14, 2007
17 24
1.Some one intellectually gifted with an IQ 140 or above.
2.Not Your Mom.
3.A term used unrealistically, for we all know you aren't.
4.An insult to be people anything but, thought they may not realize it, because of previously mentioned reasons.
Billie: Hey, did you know Joel can solve equations in his head?
Armstrong: Really? Me two! But I always get the worng answer.
Billie: Your a genius.
by Satirically_Poetic January 18, 2007
21 28
(genius) a person who have the great mental capacity or ability to learn subject on the earth.to learn all subject on the earth.
there is on such person.
knowing one subject well.does not mean
he is a genius.
by bell john December 10, 2003
11 18
Some one who has a *tested* Average IQ of 140+
The fact is - peoples IQ change depending on what you are doing and how you are feeling etc.

Anyone who is able to apply for MENSA
1) I have a tested avaerage IQ of 143 - therefore I am a genius F.A.C.T

2) I am able to apply for MENSA as I have an IQ of 143
by D_onnie Darko September 22, 2006
15 23