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short for confess. Most popularly used when asking a friend to 'fess up
Come on fess up where'd you get that...
by J to the Y to the D to the E February 06, 2003
acadian french for butt cheeks.
Jenny has nice fesses.
by AcadianSockHop May 20, 2010
Anonymous confessions app for high schoolers to post secrets, crushes, compliments etc. to the rest of the kids at their school.
"OMG did you see what was posted on Fess about Mr. Jones? Scandaloussssssss!"
"Hey was it you who Fessed about what happened at Friday's party?"
"No! But I'm dying to find out who it was!"
by Julz Ohh June 03, 2014
French Canadian slang for buttocks. One butt cheek would be "fess" and both butt cheeks would be "fesses"
Sit your fess in the chair! Both Fesses!
by Mrberlinnh September 18, 2014
F*cking mess. When you can't get your life together and when you have lost control all together.
ZOMG! Collette is such a fess! She forgot about class and didn't finish her project!
by natasha+dr.fupa November 06, 2007
1. (verb) to admit that you did something wrong or damaging; shortened form of "confess"
2. (noun) to be highly professional; to treat something as if it were purely business
1. He fessed up to borrowing Mike's car.
2. He wore a suit and a tie during Finals Week. What a fess!
by Mickey K December 18, 2010
to lie, to be untruthful, to bullshit someone
What I'm fessin'?
I fess not
by David Lowell July 30, 2006

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