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1. Someone who is just intellectually gifted and has analytical skills better than 98% of the gene pool.

2. Someone who has somekind of superior memory.

3. Although term is very subjective but cognitive sciences define genius "sheerly brilliant" or someone who comes close to being an obsessive compulsive but have very fine control over his/her abilities.

4. Quantitatively someone with an IQ higher than 140.
1. Einstein is a Genius who developed the Theory of Relativity, in the field of Physics.

To name few.
by Dilpreet March 17, 2006
121 49
One who is both blessed and cursed with superior intelligence. Most geniuses are pretty fucked up, but a small few can rise from the failures of their peers and end up being accepted by society through some factor of conformity. There is no shame in this, for if you do not conform, you'll end up chasing street cars for the rest of your life.
You have to work to do good in school. Geniuses have to work to fit in.
by Stcb May 08, 2007
90 32
someone who knows what a genius is.
I looked up "genius" therefore I'm not.
by luckily June 27, 2004
57 44
If you are reading this to discover what a Genius is, don't worry, it does not apply to you.
When determining a Genius we often mistake a Retard for someone who is Intelligent
by spaced2010 July 25, 2010
21 9
One who gives exceptionally good brain or head
that girl's a genius her head was off the charts
by topher the lopher February 25, 2010
17 7
1. a sarcatic or "snarky" term used during dialog towards a person who makes a dumb or pointless comment or statement.
Duh, Genius!!! THe light is Red.
by purpose September 26, 2006
24 14
The definition of genius is a person who knows the definition of genius :)
E.g. "whats the definition of genius? idk what is it, well its not you..."
by bubblyboy September 18, 2010
9 2