this term comes from the late 19th century aristocrats referring to a female who engages in countless and gratuitiously lude oral sex.
that hoe is a genius.. she suck mad cock
by Alexander Coleman October 20, 2004
Knowing that writing "me" was thought of by just about everybody who reads this word on U.B.
Me such a genius, my mom told me.
by Stan the observer July 03, 2015
Someone who spends little to no time studying, and then gets "A's" in all their classes normally resulting in fellow classmates getting pissy and frusterated.
Student 1: Sweet dude I got a B on our final.

Student 2: Nice, how much did you study?
Student 1: All night long, 12 hours. What did you get?
Student 2: *shows paper* 100% . I studied for 15 to 20 minutes.
Student 1: *pissy* Wish I was a genius.
by Witty fred January 22, 2015

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