Said sarcastically: An insult for someone who has just made an embarrassing mistake or done something stupid, and thus proven themselves to be far from an actual genius. Tends to refer to a lack of common sense rather than a lack of academic smarts, and thus can be applied to people who are geniuses by IQ but not by street-smarts.
"Hey, genius, you're supposed to WEAR the condom, not EAT it!"
by AnyaTheVampireSlayer August 15, 2012
The definition of genius is a person who knows the definition of genius :)
E.g. "whats the definition of genius? idk what is it, well its not you..."
by bubblyboy September 18, 2010
A person who has excellent skills
None other then farooq genius
by jami0307 April 24, 2011
a person who sees things out of multiple perspectives,and understands the need for doing so;a person who has their level of conciousness high enough to find their identity yet still searching for the meaning of life,resulting in a greater iq then the majority of earth's population which remains stupid in order to satisfy the economical needs of a country by working in factories,not being smart enough,or in some cases concious enough to go to a collage where they become somebody(if they have money)
if you didn't understand the definition above,you CLEARLY don't know what I am speaking of,therefore you are NOT a genius
by Victorthefourth January 04, 2011
1) A person who is very intelligent for their age, poverty, or social group. 2) A meme used as a sarcastic saying for when something is stupidly designed, like having a balcony with no door.
Person 1: Man, if this wall is 13 feet long, this wall is 16 feet long, and the ceiling is 20 feet high, what color should I paint the walls?

Genius:(with no hesitation) Lavender. It goes best in a space with a cubic area of 4,160 square feet, plus, lavender's your favorite color.
by MagicalAwesomenessIsMagical August 16, 2012
Someone who is incredibly smart yet still needs to study to succeed in life.
Usman is not a genius.
by A genius May 20, 2012
Brilliant, great or fantastic
That track was genius!
That's a genius idea!
You did that? Genius!
by Jenso May 12, 2005

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