(genius) a person who have the great mental capacity or ability to learn subject on the earth.to learn all subject on the earth.
there is on such person.
knowing one subject well.does not mean
he is a genius.
by bell john December 10, 2003
A long hair that hangs from an elephants rectum.
I went to the San Diego zoo today and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the genius on that elephant.
by itiro December 26, 2008
Somebody who creates a cd...gets famouse...and releases the same cd again but with a different name.
by Monk May 12, 2003
A band from california, Go to their site www.geniusmusic.com
Genius = best band at the moment (my opinion)
by jessica June 25, 2004
1. One with an extremely large head.
2. One who thinks of themselves as intelligent, but end up being morons. See Quentin Tarrantino, Michael Moore.
1. That genius would make one hell of a doorstop.
2. Sorry, can't think of a good definition for this sentence.
by TheAdvocate February 11, 2005
1. An individual who is particularly good at giving head.
Jimmy- this girl sucked me dry last night.
Bob- Damn for real?
Jimmy- Yeah that girl is a true Genius.
by Dominique Nguyen, November 18, 2005
very smart person. see George W. Bush
Hy mr. president you genius
by j-e-e-n-e-e-u-s February 20, 2005

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