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To engage in homosexual activities, such as anal intercourse, or male on male fellatio
Homer: "Do you wonder what I do in this room that I disappear for long periods of time, and don't want you go go into?"
Bart: "I don't know. Gay out?"
Homer: "NO!" *opens door* I make Jerky.
by RacistAsshole October 20, 2009
a gayout is when 2 or more members of the same sex hang out. acutally there is nothing gay at all about the hang out time. its 2 or more friends just hanging out all day.
"Hey, friday lets have a gayout and get wasted, i havent seen you in forever."
by Jes_ March 04, 2008
An event where one comes out or is outed as a homosexual.
The family was very surprised at Thanksgiving when Ian seemingly turned it into a gay out and revealed he was a homosexual.
by Jack Harris April 27, 2006
jimmy:i dare you to steal that candy bar.
timmy:but, what if i get caught?'
jimmy:don't gay out on me.
by *Sheena* May 23, 2005
To go out and have an outrageous time.
Use it to refer to any good times that are gay and fun.
"Hey, lets call Christine and Seth and go gay out at the club."

The other day I said to Frank, I said, “Hey, want to go gay out at Magoos?” We gayed out with two pitchers of beer.
by Tom November 11, 2006
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