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The same as a cougar except over the age of 50.
Barney: Come on, dude, your mom is a cougar!
Robin: Wait, I thought you said a cougar can't be over 50.
Barney: Okay, she's a mellencamp.
by Cap Daddy January 23, 2011
To take a dump so large that the prostate is stimulated and the male ejaculates a little while taking the shit. Called a mellencamp because "it hurts so good."
Man I just took a mellencamp!
by therealstatz July 05, 2009
An older lesbian with bad 80's hair, often a salt-and-peppered feathered permed mullet.

This term is short for a John Cougar Mellencamp.
Dude, your mom is such a Mellencamp! Check out the REO Speedwagon shirt she wore out to the bar. Has her hair style changed since '86?
by Ross9 October 10, 2010
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