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The state of mind after attending a full weekend of Gay Pride events, dance clubs, gay cruises, drag shows, circuit parties, or other kind of major gay event that, by the end of it, you just don't have the mental energy to even lip sync a Lady GaGa song or criticize someone's outfit.
After a weekend of brunch and shopping with Kyle and Trevor, a trip to the Gold's Gym in the Castro, watching the entire Pride Parade, seeing Sex in the City 2, and going out dancing until 4am, Sam was entirely Gayed Out.

Girl, after 10 days on a cruise ship full of gay men, I'm so Gayed Out that I just want to watch the Discovery Channel and listed to Mellencamp.
by snapkrackle June 01, 2010
When someone is not only being anal retentive, but is also being an asshole about it.
Are you some kind of idiot? I said I wanted diet Coke with light ice and two lemon wedges. This clearly has medium ice and only one lemon wedge. Let me talk to your manager!

Jeez, Gordon Ramsey, you don't have to be so rectal about it.
by snapkrackle October 27, 2010

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