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The use of flour thrown in a sleeping victims face to make them appear to be a dusty old antique. Watch "Jackass" for origin.
That picture of Pat getting antiqued is a laugh riot!!!
by Patrick D November 19, 2002
When your hanging out with your friends and one of them falls grab a handfull of flour, powder, etc. and chuck it at their face so they wake up and look like theyve collected dust.
sleeping person:"omfg what the hell!"
people who throw the flour:"we were antiquing you! lmao"
by karissa11 May 04, 2006
Least-said word by a Bender robot (Futurama).
Bender: Antiquing? *BOOM*
by Vash September 24, 2004
Antiquing is similar to cougar hunting except it involves the initiation of amorous liasions with women who are very much your senior. Sometimes it may be the case that you are after the older woman cougar but end up with her mom.
Let's go antiquing tonight!
by Ericandstuff November 23, 2007
v. an·tiqu·ing

Someone of youth engaging in sexual intercourse with an elderly person.
1. I met a geriatric and the next thing I know I'm antiquing!
2. You're so desperate you're game for some antiquing.
by TripJ October 27, 2009
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