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1. The greatest food ever conceived by man. Basically, it is the dehydrated remains of any type of meat, such as cow, deer, turkey, badger, etc.

2. Maddox's favorite food in the universe.
1. "You've never had jerky?! Here, try some. It looks like dried boot leather but it tastes like there was just a flavor party in your mouth."

2. "Anyone that doesn't like beef jerky should be packed into a rocket and launched towards the sun." -Maddox
by Raimondo March 15, 2005
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Jerky, Jerkies (plural)

A term used in New Jersey to what would be generally equivalent to the southern expression "dumbass". Derived from the old expression "your dumb as a ox". Jerky is a dead ox. This implies an existential component and could have death cult affiliation. Lou Decaffeinate along with Jay and Silent Bob are well documented public utterances of this term in the mainline media. Also crank call humor the Jerky Boys. Gabo de la Guerra of 91.7 KOOP FM in Austin is a well know Jerky.
Dont be a jerkey.

You work in Quality Control at a hellish data processing center.

You are running behind schedule.Your Boss Lou from New Jersey yells.....

"OK Jerkey!! Get those dickbeaters moving, that Data aint just gonna QC itself.comon!" (see dickbeaters)
Source: Gabo, de la Guerra
by Gabo, de la Guerra October 18, 2004
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Harry: Oh man! She gave me the best jerky last night!

Casey: Oh shut up! You already know I give the best babe!

Daniel: DAMN! Maybe you can give me a jerky too, Casey.
by 3nz0 July 10, 2010
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jerky (noun) - another word for the female buttocks.
Dang, did you see all that jerky on Beyonce?
by Enairb September 11, 2007
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