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to be discovered as a homosexual
He was outed when seen kissing his boyfriend.
by Stacie Bennett December 17, 2003
To reveal some previously secret part of someone's life, originally from someone coming "out of the closet" as gay.
Valerie Plame was outed by the Bush Administration as a CIA agent.

Joe was outed as an alcholic when his boss saw him leaving an AA meeting.
by MaxInCa May 15, 2006
when a colleague passes on potentially sensitive material about yourself to management to ingratiate himself with the said management boosting his own position.
manhead was dropped right in the shat by ralf, he outed him by showing wedgy pictures of manheads facebook which went down like a lead balloon and left manhead in the bad books
by davethejag February 15, 2009
To be the only one excluded from an activity. To be left out.
<Two people having lunch.>
A: Hey you wanna do something later?
B:(Talking on a cellphone with someone else.) I miss you.
A: Talk about being outed.
by Jorden Elliott May 04, 2008
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