Someone who is desperate for drugs and will bite at any offer, even if the drugs are visibly inferior or over-priced.

You paid twenty bucks for a dime bag? what a gator!

Here come the gators, time to make some money!
by solid gold easy action January 04, 2003
A verbal warning between a husband and wife, a boyfriend and grirlfriend, friends and siblings. It is an annunciation of a fart... whether audible or not. Derived from the southern United States where it is customary to consume animals from the swamplands. It is a sympathetic warning to friends or family of the stench that is about to claim the otherwise enjoyable atmosphere of a friendly social gathering.
"Babe......I'm sooooo sorry.......GATOR. It's sooooooo bad!! Yeah, see I told ya. Just go over there for a minute!!!
by Duke Nukem5 November 07, 2010
1.) Someone who talks a lot, usually too much. From the idea that they are "all mouth"

2.) Illegally distilled and transported liquor. Moonshine. Most commonly used in extreme southern florida. Can be of any quality, from low grade "radiator poison" or "battery acid" to very high grade "rocket fuel"
1.) That fucking gator down the street has been running his mouth for too long.

2.) I'll be back in a few days, gotta haul a truckload of gator up to cigar town.
2.b) Bobby, run down to old man homer's house and get us a few jars of gator.
by Wolf89 March 12, 2008
Aka GAIN (Gator Advertising and Information Network )
Adware and possibly spyware that comes bundled with some "free" software apps. Precision Time / Date Manager are some application examples.
by Anonymous August 07, 2003
To writhe or "swim" about someone's bed.
I wanna go gator around the warm beds of beginners
by Joshua Nick May 31, 2007
A term used to identify any man who desires other men within the vicinity.
"Look....over there....he's a Gator."
by Rockdog74 November 01, 2006
A quantity (equaling one eight of an ounce) of drugs purchased by a person
"hey could you hook me up with a gator for the weekend"
by volcom August 05, 2003
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