A common slang word for 1000 dollars commonly used in Boston neighborhoods.
Someone backed into my car last night...it's gonna cost me at least a gator to get it fixed.
by Mike February 13, 2005
to be supremely uncool and infintely lame, to be an assmunch. Describes an action or a person who is helplessly unhip and backwards and yokel. Usually used as "xxx is so gator." The opposite of gator is dawg.
Did you see that guy in those jean shorts? That is sooo gator.

by heatherhug October 05, 2006
to leave in a hurry
Ay yo the party is over this nigga's parents is finna be home... I'm gator!"
by Shanteezie March 21, 2004
a word used to compliment anything..adj
Those new pair of Jordas are GATOR!
by CO killa May 19, 2003
1. A bowel excrement. 2. Fecal matter. 3. Turd.
I'm goin' to the bathroom to drop some gators.
by Pwnguin February 10, 2005
Amy Elizabeth McCusker
suck'em down gator!!!!!!!
by Dave February 02, 2005
to give great head or the act of giving great head.
noun. Man, that broad last night had some good gator.
verb. I gotta let that sexy chick give me some gator tonight.
by dub c May 31, 2004

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