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A person hanging out in highway rest areas for purpose of sexual pleasures. (Trucker term)
Don't pull off in that rest area there's a cornholin',poopy packin' peter puffin' pickle park pervert, turd burgalar in there.
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
A truck driver with more money than brains.
You can tell that guy is a rich mother cluckin' son of a rooster cruiser, he complains about never having a good load, but you always see him in a chrome shop.
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
Clear plastic surgically installed at the abdomin of human body.
The patient had an extreme case of cranial rectumitous that an inama could not cure, therefore a surgion was required to perform the abdominal plexiotamy to allow patient the ability to see where he/she was going.
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
Tailgator behind you.
Better watch that leach on your donkey, I think he's been sniffin' no doze and drinkin' air wick by the way he drives!
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
Large piece of rubber laying on the roadway.
Lookout, don't run over that gator, it will bite a hunk out of your vehicle!
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
Abreviation for new labor union formed by Tyson, Perdue, Pilgrams Pride, ect. Truck drivers, stands for United-Chicken-Haulers-Incorperated-Truckers-Association. Local lodge #1.
That driver's got so many lights on his truck, he must be a member of UCHITA Big #1.
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
A person, through natural or artificial mean, who likes to give anal sex.
He/she is a real poopy packer in the bedroom.
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
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