The slang term equivalent of Alygator. Gator's legal name is usually "Alyson", thereby explaining the nickname "Alygator"
Joe: Dude I can't fucking stand this shit anymore!
Zac: What happened?
Joe: Aly is causing so much drama over such a small thing I said.
Zac: IDK man, she's a Gator live with it...
by TheKaganator May 14, 2013
a Sterling Heights High school class reunion every day of the week.
girl #1 "hey have you seen that guy we graduated with from Sterling in 2000 he was so hottt.

girl 2 "I have not seen him in years, but i bet if we go to gator's we will seee him there.
by SHHSchick May 29, 2011
The residual turd left in the toilet after flushing
After he flushed, there was a gator left in the bottom of the toilet bowl.
by Aimster4 January 23, 2010
Gay Hater. Combining these two words intelligently forms a play on the word 'gator' when spoken.
Branden: "There are lots of ***** gay haters"
Will: "Gators?"
by yowas March 23, 2009
gators!! is a totally awesome football team that cannot be beat!!! the gators!! are the friggen awesomest nd best team ever(=
Wow!! The gators!! beat the Georgia Bulldogs last night! it was a serious beatdown!!
by (=Maddy=) December 31, 2008
A very long line of cut cocaine.
"Make those lines into gators."
by Mark December 30, 2003
gator is software that installs and spies on "users"
by 888 Geek Help October 22, 2003
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