Person that fornicates with dead people
Stay away from that gator.
by alexanders21 November 05, 2010
Someone who lurks on people, the way a gator's eyes peep above the water, they lurk in the water, they lurk on their prey.
Crowd: hahaha good joke that was so funny
Mark Cummins: *back of crowd, head down saying nothing*
Crowd:Wow marks a fucking gator
by canibus1441 March 24, 2009
Large piece of rubber laying on the roadway.
Lookout, don't run over that gator, it will bite a hunk out of your vehicle!
by byrd77 January 06, 2009
Trucker term generally used on a Citizen Band ("CB") radio to describe tire treads in the road. Usually used to warn other truckers of such treads.
Trucker 1: Hey Eastbound, you got gators all across the road at mile marker 110.
Trucker 2: Ten-four Driver, you have a good one.
by grizzled March 06, 2006
gator is software that installs and spies on "users"
by 888 Geek Help October 22, 2003
The slang term equivalent of Alygator. Gator's legal name is usually "Alyson", thereby explaining the nickname "Alygator"
Joe: Dude I can't fucking stand this shit anymore!
Zac: What happened?
Joe: Aly is causing so much drama over such a small thing I said.
Zac: IDK man, she's a Gator live with it...
by TheKaganator May 14, 2013
The residual turd left in the toilet after flushing
After he flushed, there was a gator left in the bottom of the toilet bowl.
by Aimster4 January 23, 2010

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