Too old to be a cougar.

A woman in her 60's 70's or 80's dressed like a 21 year old, with the after affects of tanorexia
That woman is a total gator
#cougar #bear cub #tanorexic #hag #leather skin
by Robust staff May 22, 2009
Mascot of the University of Florida
The Gators home stadium is called The Swamp.
#uf #gator football #seminoles #florida #football
by Twice November 07, 2005
Short for Lincoln Navigator, a high end luxury sport utility vehicle.
Did you see that 'gator on 22's?
by Bobby Digital March 07, 2004
To give oral sex to a woman. When in this position, you look as if you submerged in the water like an alligator, especially if you looking up while in the act.
I gatored a girl last night.
#(eat out) #(oral sex) #(carpet munching) #(sex) #(woman)
by nudedudeoncouch October 22, 2010
A slang term for a person who shows a hatred for homosexuality and anything associated with it.
"I once knew this guy who would walk up to this gay couple and shout at them that homosexuality was a sin. He was such a gator!"
#gator #homophobia #homosexuality #hater #slang #hate
by Dr. RobotAndrossnik July 25, 2009
v. When the sole of a shoe or boot separates from the upper at the front, resulting in a flapping "gator mouth."

n. any shoe or boot thus afflicted.
(v) Aww Man, I LOVE these boots! I've had them forever. I can't belive they gatored on me!

(n) No amount of Shoe Goo's gonna fix that gator. That gator's a goner.
#footwear #shoe #boot #flapper #shoe goo #sole #upper
by Chrome Toaster May 30, 2009
gator is software that installs and spies on "users"
by 888 Geek Help October 22, 2003
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