being comprised of the skin of an alligator. usually in reference to shoes
Ponyboy: i just got a new pair of gators
Rane: god i wish i was cool
by Ponyboy August 03, 2003
An older woman, ususally over 40 that still looks fine as hell and still screws younger men.
"Man you better not fuck with her. That Gator will have you turned out and bringin your whole paycheck to her house"
by Slick_Ant August 14, 2007
The term GATOR, which is short for INSTIGATOR is someone who can cause drama between groups or individual while miraculously remaining nuetral to all parties. Usually a devine talent, or someone who is experienced in the art 'con'.
Fred, you are such a gator.
Fred, why do you have to gator all the time.
Fred, stop gatoring.
by r3lic June 19, 2006
amphibian Navy
The deckape gob was a gator, just off an LCM and stuck on a bird farm
by BMC Johnson February 24, 2004
A student at the University of Florida who has experienced one of the many NCAA national championships in football and basketball.

Someone who owns Ohio

Someone who knows how much FSU sucks and wishes they had a more challenging rival
I said, "Its great, uh huh, to be, a what, a Florida Gator!"
by Ross or Jean-Hubert November 18, 2008
"street slang" for good quality crack cocaine; usually at the wholesale level.
"This crack cocaine is the gator...These drugs are good quality...This cocaine is gator."
by Salmonsen March 31, 2006
Another word for 'cool' mostly used by South Floridians in the country
whoa those shoes are gator!
by Sthrn Boi December 22, 2005

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