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(adj.) - Used to describe one's level of inebriation.
There are several degrees at which one can be gatored :
embryo/fetal gatored - barely tipsy
baby gatored - relatively tipsy
gatored - drunk
papa gatored - relatively drunk
grandpa gatored - brownout to blackout drunk
great grandpa gatored - drunk to the point of heavy alcohol poisoning
jesus gatored - drunk to a point of death, but followed by resurrection (this level has not yet been reached)
The term originates from the campus of San Francisco State.
John : Yo how was your night dude?

Bill : Fucking ridiculous man. I went to a rager and got so gatored that I ate shit trying to jump a trash can!

John : Noice!
by gatorednation November 18, 2010
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The act of being spied on via a computer. Getting a virus or spyware (does not need to be GAIN spyware) on your computer without your knowledge.
So I downloading pr0n off of Kazaa and I got gatored by spyware instead!
by Munden December 02, 2003
When someone shoves a Gatorade bottle of any shape up your ass
"Dude, i so gatored him a minute ago!"
by Brock I. March 20, 2008

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