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It is a word commonly used in online video games, usualy used in an MMORPG. Ganking is the process in which a group of charecters gang up on one or more players that do not have a chance to defend themselves, Or when one high level player does the same action to a player way below his or her own level
ROFL guys I was just Ganking these level 20 Horde players
by James Haag March 06, 2005
Using the Vibram soles of your Herman Survivors hiking boots to leave long black scuff marks across any and all surfaces, especially downtown on store fronts, or the ceilings of the high school bathrooms. In use regionally since at least 1974. A trademark behavior of the "Ramsey Reckers".
Man, I was ganking crazy yesterday! I rinted up the whole front of the Ramsey Cinema." "Yea, that's some wicked rinting."
by TastyCritters February 12, 2015
To kill,steal,beat,grab and yank.
1. The words grab and yank mushed together to make ganking.
2.To repeatedly kill a virtual game character after they get resurrected aka spawn rape in WoW.
3. Group of thugs or gangsters beat and steal your money.
by kuh-rissie December 21, 2008
ambush in online games
Oh my God, they are ganking us! It's an ambush !
by Quetzacotl November 22, 2007
In WoW, I believe Ganking as a group of Horde/Alliance killing someone, since it's the only way to kill them, in a metephoric way of speaking.

And if someone 'ganks' you after respawning at your corpse, that's not the right term, the correct term is 'spawn rape'...Thanks
Person 1: Those damn horde keep ganking me!
Person 2: Well, I believe it's the only way to kill you.

Seeing as you may be a valuble threat to most people, they need to gank you inorder to kill you.
by Crazey June 11, 2006
In An MMORPG To Kill someone, and then wait around their corpse for them to come back to get it, than kill them again.
The horde raid group was ganking the entire noob zone.
by TRW.Milkman March 06, 2005
An imaginary means of killing someone 'unfairly' in WoW.

Ganking, by definition of the game is quite impossible, because killing people of the enemy faction in any way, even if looked down upon is the object of the game.

If ganking wasn't the intention of the developers, it would be taken out. Plain and simple.
-'Can you help me? This level 60 is ganking me!'

-'No, because that's what he's supposed to do'

-'I don't understand!'
by Laminator March 08, 2005
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