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a forceful pressing motion to the forehead, used to show dominance (usually from a man to woman, or woman to woman) and confrontation
On College Hill South Beach,

Brandon says, "Bitch"
Kyle replies, "I just told you not to call me out of my name (mushes Brandon)"
Brandon replies, "I'm not gonna fight you"
Kyle says, "You just got mushed like a bitch!"
by lja1091 May 05, 2009
to get that ass beat quickly for doing something DUMB...especially in public.

'mushing' is usually done by the musher grabbing the mushee by the face, & throwing them to the pavement
that dumb cunt over there snatched my blunt out my i mushed that ho to the ground.
by dat nigga jules June 02, 2007
Rubbing your genitals on someone else's asshole
Guy 1: How was your date last night?

Guy 2: It sucked dude, she was a prude.

Guy 1: She didn't let you do anything?

Guy 2: I'm joking dude, I mushed her all night.

Guy 1: Your fuckin' gross dude!
by 1st block June 01, 2010
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