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1. The most amazing e-thug you will ever meet.
2. Someone who is <willing to meet you in real life and kick your ass>
"You talk alot online, but im willing to meet you in real life and kick your ass"
"Whats your fucking adress i'm going to come and kick your ass"
by TRW.Milkman March 06, 2005
N. One who makes up a ton of shizzle, than proves it all to be correct by impossible means.

V.ing To possess incredible skill but never actually try 99.9% of the time.

Adj. A derogatory term for someone who's not trying, and is pissing you off.
N. Person 1, "I fought in vietnam and the mexican american war"
Person 2, "Thats fucking impossible you idiot"
Person 1, <Shows Flawless Proof>
Person 2, "your a fucking cnflct"

V. "Im cal-i...so im just gonna sit at spawn with a USP cnflcting"

Adj. "Wow...stop being a friggin cnflct and try"
by TRW.Milkman August 19, 2005
asdasdasdAWes asdas das as asd asd
asdasdasd asd asd s asd asd as dasda sda sd a as dasdweqe d
by TRW.Milkman March 06, 2005
In An MMORPG To Kill someone, and then wait around their corpse for them to come back to get it, than kill them again.
The horde raid group was ganking the entire noob zone.
by TRW.Milkman March 06, 2005

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