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A person who is really rich and has to buy their friends gifts in order to keep them. In other words they rent their friends and pay them in gifts to keep them.
She has no real friends since she buys them things to keep them. She probably calls 1-800-RNT-FRND to Rent a Friend.
by kuh-rissie December 21, 2008
Someone who is a douchbag but the words are swapped around. Sounds like a muslim name though doesn't it?
Me- "Wow, your such a baggadouch"
Mel-"Is that an Iraqy name?
by Kuh-rissie December 21, 2008
When a white man or white woman sleeps with a black man or black woman and produces mixed children. Since the child is small like a piglet and is mixed they are called this.
Me-"Did you hear that Kelly slept with Deandre and is now knocked up with his baby?"
Mel-"They're going to have Mixlets now!"
by Kuh-rissie December 21, 2008
To call someone a douchbag and make it sound german.

Me- "That person is a Douchenzebagga!"
Mel- "Did you just call them a douchbag with a german accent?"
by Kuh-rissie December 21, 2008
To kill,steal,beat,grab and yank.
1. The words grab and yank mushed together to make ganking.
2.To repeatedly kill a virtual game character after they get resurrected aka spawn rape in WoW.
3. Group of thugs or gangsters beat and steal your money.
by kuh-rissie December 21, 2008

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