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Often used with mmorpgs. It involves players banding together to succeed at a common goal- such as taking over territory, killing an opposing faction, or most commonly killing big scary internet monsters that drop coveted items.

It can be used as a noun or verb, noun referring a specific event, and in verbage, the act of embarking on that event.
A: We've scheduled a Black Temple raid tonight. You coming?
B: I can't raid, I gotta get laid!
A: No epix or dkp for you!
by catchphrase February 05, 2008
Redundant Array of Independant (or Inexpensive) Disks.

There are several configurations of RAID.

Raid 0 = stripping with no redundancy
Raid 1 = mirror
Raid 5 = stripping across many drives with redundancy

There are many other configurations as well
Our new Dell server came with a RAID system.
by Denis Baldwin February 03, 2004
1. When the police try to shut down an illegal business that is currently in the guise of a legal business. The raid is when they finally come in to search for evidence.

2. Performing such an action.

3. To rummage through something, with the intent to find a specific item.

4. Insect poison.

5. The act of spraying such a poison.
1. There may be a raid tonight.

2. Did you hear that the cops raided Ol' Sam-O's on 35th Street?

3. The racoons raided my garbage again!

4. I sprayed some Raid on that anthill.

5. Did you Raid the wasps' nest yet?
by Rodney Basil May 20, 2004
Used to refer to AIDS in a public environment where you do not desire to draw attention to yourself, or others.
Mikael: "Im sorry Lupe, but I cannot be with someone who has RAIDS."
Lupe: "What do you mean RAIDS, do you mean AIDS?"
Mikael: "Yes thats exactly what I mean."
Lupe: "I don't have 'RAIDS'"
Mikael: "You do after sleeping with me bitch, see ya later."
by Limblessless August 24, 2006
A raid is when a bunch of people who play a game too much, get together to play the game some more. Because they have to work together to kill the biggest bosses.
A: What's going on, is like the whole world noobified, like the exact same time?
B: It's my guild, we are doing a raid.
by pimpstenator March 13, 2010
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