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An up and down, hourly off/on relationship similar to that of Sammi and Ronnie. It is akin to middle school relationships just with more alcohol and poor life decisions involved.
Sammi and Ronnie Relationships that ends in nuptials is called a "Tiger and Elin" Marriage.
by parkca01 August 25, 2010
An idiot when it comes to understanding Yiddish.
Mark (raising his wine glass to Bev): L’chaim!
Ron: If you ever swear at my wife again like that, I’ll hurt you.
Mark: It means, “To life”, as a cheers, you yiddishiot.
by parkca01 June 25, 2010
One who does not know how to make s'mores properly.
Aaron started waving his marshmallow stick to get the flame to go out. The marshmallow flung off and the flaming pile of sticky landed on Cheryl's leg. What a s'moron.
by parkca01 November 16, 2011
A great idea while sober is associated with a light bulb. A great idea while drinking is known as a beer bulb. It's as if a glass of beer lights up over your head.
Alex: I just had a great idea. What if we sing Celine Dion to win Karaoke to pay for our bar tab tonight?
Marilyn: Brilliant! Your beer bulb just went off! My heart will go onnnn!
by parkca01 November 16, 2011
A one-day vacation. Can be via brewskis in your backyard, a trip to a theme park, a quick trip to the lake, etc.
Connie: Hey I'm taking a daycay tomorrow. Getting my nails done and then heading out for margaritas at 1.
Beth: If I had any sick days, I'd join you! Feel free to drunk dial me at work.
by parkca01 August 27, 2010
Similar to foreplay but revolves around chores. Not getting any action until the honey do list is done.
Greg: Hey girl you could bring that back rub down a bit lower... And to the front...
Sara: Honey you have to give me a little workplay to get something. That sore thumb garage is so turning me off.
by parkca01 July 01, 2010
1. Frozen Olympics (aka Winter Olympics)
2. Hair Olympics (a shortened version of Afrolympics)
This year, icicle dread locks are an event in the 2014 winter frolympics.
by parkca01 February 21, 2014

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