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fun, outgoing personalities
LOVE for their families and freinds
can always spice things up with a little scandal
hold grudges FOREVER :)
tend to have the same friends
are never ashamed of their family
very driven goal oriented people
its own race separate from italians in italy
very teasing and joking
all of em are good cooks!
can dance the best to the terrintella
love sausage sandwiches and pizza frita!
extremely good looking even when they are old and grey
even old italians have that spunk!
look at that little old lady. she is so funny and full of energy. she must me italian-american!
by pasqualle March 22, 2006
1.) An American citizen of both Italian and American descent
2.) An American citizen that can trace his/her heritage back to both Italy and to the colonies of the United States
An Italian-American has both Italian and American blood. The term Italian-American, as well as other hyphenations in America, is commonly used to signify an American citizen of Italian descent. However, according to international standards, this is incorrect. A true Italian-American is of both Italian and colonial American descent.
by Urban Dictionary April 05, 2004
Very proud people born in America, who's ancestry traces back to Italy. We have pride in our heritage and culture that has been passed on and celebrated today. Possibly one of the two most largest communities in America (that and the Irish).

The guys inherit the dark hairiness as well as the thick "Italian sausage" we are blessed with and put to good use. Italian men and there descedants are known to be very sexually active and passionate lovers.
Mark Ruffalo is a Italian-American actor.
by NickyNick69 July 10, 2011
Pronunciation: It-Al-Ion A-Mare-Ikan (noun)

An American person of Italian ethnicity and who usually has a good city job that they got because they are politically connected.
"I can't be a fireman, because I am not an Irish-American or Italian-American."
by Jimmy Dick Wang July 28, 2008
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