A Game Master or in Anarchy Online, a Genetic Manipulator which sounds gay.

Basically this being is rude, nasty and avoided at all costs. They think they know how to play the game but they have no idea at all, in fact some, especially in Anarchy Online are only learning how to be rude and totally lame there, before they move to the next Funcom failure, Age of Conan.

player:'Oh god I need to petition as I've lost a backpack'
GM: 'fuck off'

player: 'I'm being harrassed help me please'
GM 16hours later : 'fuck off bullied noob'

Player: ' Can you tell me how to trade as I am really new and I want to know more about Anarchy Online?'
GM: 'fuck off you total noob'
by Esther Hardwick October 24, 2006
Golden Master, the final release of computer software, released on CD or DVD. Preview versions, alpha and beta versions precede the final release.
You will not be able to upgrade from the Alpha version to the GM release.
by Smike August 20, 2006
In a course of a conversation, one may say things that annoy the other, or say things that are true and the other person doesn't want to face that truth, so they respond with "gm".
Martin: "So, did you finish this English homework?"
Robin: "No."
Martin: "Why not? Too lazy to use your concious mind and get some primitive ideas down on paper?"
Robin: "gm, Martin, gm."
by Martin Luptak January 10, 2006
giggling mildly, used instead of "lol" because people rarley laugh out loud while reading texts or im's.
I was gm when I saw her face.
by outlawstar33 May 18, 2008
God moding. This is when a roleplaying person claims to be invinsible or says he or she was not hit or harmed by an attack that clearly struck them. Also when they say that they can kill anyone no matter what
Josh: *shoots your foot*
Fag: *dodges and kills you*
Josh: ooc: dude your fuckin gm
Fag: no im just better
Josh: w/e fag
by suicide cures cancer September 12, 2006
Refers to a "Goofy Motherfucker"
Damn, that dude is a GM.
by Derek S. December 29, 2007
Any of a line of engineering abortions produced for the last hundred years or so. Similar to a medieval torture device, but without the quality. Any automobile belonging to the fecal genus.
My GM is such a steaming pile of feces, I can't bring my self to spend $10 on a car wash.
How unusual, there is a GM that still runs.
by Jeff March 12, 2004

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