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apply oral stimulation to my male genitilia
Suck my balls, bitch!
by MaddMattG August 01, 2003
a phrase you would use in reply to a command or question often to your parents or somebody you don't like in other words no
:can you pick that up for me?
:suck my balls

:go away!
:suck my balls
by karl06 May 17, 2006
to cause a vacuum with ones mouth around the testicular sack (scrotum)
"would you like to suck mah baws?"
by Phil Clarke August 04, 2003
A better way to say "Suck my ballsack".
How would you like to go see the school counselor?
How would you like to suck my balls!
by Occsters May 28, 2012
Official language of the Man-birds
"It's a very complicated language"
"Okay. Suck MY balls"
by sdfdsafsdfkdsafjdskl;adslkfjds April 23, 2011
Eric Cartman's favorite phrase
Mr.Garrison: How would you like to see the school counselor?!
Mr.Garrison: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!
Cartman:Im sorry im sorry actually what i said was(speaks into megaphone): HOW WOULD LIKE TO SUCK...MY...BALLS? Mr. Garrison
Stan: Holy shit dude....
by I AM YOUR BANANA! January 08, 2015
Politically incorrect way to say its interlocutor who does not agree sincerely to its considerations and waits that it reviews its position.
1- Your boss ask for you, only you, to make overtime in the day of the end of the soccer championship. Its reply it is: Suck my balls!!
2- You arrive in tired house of the work and find its brother-in-law taking the last beer of the refrigerator. It turns itself toward you and asks: What I go to drink now? Reply...Suck my balls!!
by Leonam October 24, 2008
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