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The sweat that accumulates in your arse when you sit in front of the computer all day that makes your computer chair smell like crap!
"Next time, try to wipe your bum a little better after you take a dump! Your chair smells like shit!"
by bosefan March 11, 2005
the terrible affliction that all males know comes along on hot days. it usually ends up with a stinky aroma coming from your crotch in the afternoon unless wiped thoroughly.
damm man, walking to work today and had the worst bumsweat going on, needed to go straight to work and wipe my arse! gonna stink later anat.
by anat October 22, 2003
A slick buttcrack.
What happens when you wear those damn basketball shorts that aren't cotton and they don't breath at all.
by stimpy October 16, 2003
Sweat created by the bum when you need to defecate. Usually results in a sweat mark on the undies.
Possibly a result of clenching the sphincter.
"You alright man? You look a bit tense"
"Oh man, I gotta take a dump, got the bum sweats real bad"
by Ben Johns April 16, 2010
self evident
any lineman in the NFL....major bumsweat going on there.
by fuckface October 14, 2003
A condition brought on by constipation - sweat accumulates around the freckle.
by Sweaty Feddy April 02, 2003
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