Good money, you're ok, you're good.
he gm son, he cool
by hashh November 01, 2010
A "Tag" I see graffitied all over San Diego. And because my name is Gregory May, I have associated those initials with my name.
GM = Gregory May.
by Gregory May July 15, 2010
An anagram meaning Genetic Misconception. "Not the same GM (General Motors) owned by your Father or Fathers before him"
A GM spokesman who is honest will one day say, "We all know GM is not the same vehicle as they were in the past. Without opinion and with knowledge of the company and their procedures, I state they haven't built anything dependable since the last of the good 350s in 1974.

I now hereby enter this new meaning of the anagram GM into the population; As meaning Genetic Misconception. Don't be taken by the company simply because your 'Father said' or 'Grandpa said' they were the best trucks out there. FWIW, GM is responsible for sales of Toyota in Canada and the USA. New slogan should be 'Speeding forward and bypassing the next generation'. I am Honest John, soon to be ex-spokesman for GM and I hope to sell more cars this upcoming year, as a used car salesman, than they have in the past year. Thank you."
by strEt-Ys January 29, 2010
Gunn and Moore, an English Cricket Bat manufacturing company, producing quality international standard bats
Man 1: You getting a new bat?
Man 2: Yeah, either a GM Purist or a Maxi
Man 1: Good bats
by umpirestrikesback November 14, 2005
Shorthand for Grandma or Grandmother
My gm had to go to the hospital yesterday.
by Scott Wu May 22, 2005
To cap out a skill in a game, or raise a skill to it's highest level. Also-- Grandmaster.

Originally from certain MUDs, but widespread use began with Ultima Online.
I just GMd my Fletching, Smithing, and Tailoring. Now I can go outside and possibly learn what this 'female' thing is I keep hearing about.
by Fetch April 27, 2004
Good Mannered, a term most people use now a days online when they don't want stupid ass people going into their channels on B.Net going "YOU SUCK DICK..." etc. etc.
Player 1: Hi, are you GM?
Player 2: FUCK NO
Player 1: Oh, then I don't want to game with you sorry...
Player 2: STFU nerd!
Player 1: >kick Player 2 manner please
Player 1 has kicked Player 2 out of the channel.
by Frank G. November 20, 2004

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