One claiming to have "Grown man Status"... One's swagg must be high to claim "G.M.S"
I don't have to take that am G.M.S!! i got that dangerous swagg
by G-Juice May 08, 2010
good morning
a phrase used for an abbreviation of the common greeting often used in chatrooms
Boy: Gm sexy
Girl: Gm?
Boy: Oh sorry its morning here. Good evening to you
by elloese May 02, 2014
GM is the short way of saying Green Mang. The Green Mang is a gang that was formed in Seattle Washington around 2005 or 2006. Wearing green, obviously by the name, recognizes the gang they wear green. They have two allies so far that we’ve heard of, they are Xplicit and SYC. The SYC stands for South Yung Crips, this gang is also in Seattle but it was formed long ago and they are one of the toughest one’s out there. GM’s enemies include Flipside Bloods & TRG. TRG stands for Tiny Raskal Gang. TRG was formed in 1985 after a Cambodian kid was beat up by a Mexican gang. The Asians realized they had to fight back, TRG was born. TRG is the biggest Asian gang in the Philippines and other Asian countries. Though the name “Tiny” shouldn’t be in the name because this gang is huge now. TRG has no allies; they are EKs, which stands for Every Killer. This is why it is enemies with GM. GM is growing slowly, but they are growing more ruthless to their enemies.
The GM is comin to Bang us! take cover!
by Faizan June 05, 2007
Stands for Game Master. Its A nickname for the Police used by game players. Also called Moderators.
Yo its the GM's, ditch the fuckin pipe or they will ban it.
by Lance Samson December 07, 2006
The right definition of the word "GM" is Game Moderator.
Noobs often confuse this with Game Master, even though everyone could be a game master.
Player 1: "Do you know what GM means?"
Player 2: "Game Master, Doh!"
Player 1: "Wrong noob!, it means Game Moderator."

Player A: "Stop harassing me or I will call a Game Master"
Player B: "It's Game Moderator, you noob!"
by ayayae April 28, 2012
A synonym of GA, or general admission, GM stands for general mission. Have several possibilities for seating arrangements at a live entertainment event. No set seats.
Man 1: "Yo, you going to Justice on Thursday?"

Man 2: "For sure, I got a pair of GM tickets."
by LoveThatPink January 18, 2012
Group masturbation. Ussually includes no females, simple teenage boys jerking off in a living room. Typically watching the playboy channel. Looking is never aloud but a flash or a moon would not be considered odd.
-Hey wanna go GM at my place? I just ordered the playboy channel with my parents credit card!
-I'm so down, I'm gonna get you back for cumming in my blanket though, get your own!
by Dugg duh May 31, 2011

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