Good automotive value for the money. Those who think otherwise are too busy spewing liberal bullshit to realize it. Down with the clowns.
Counter-example: Neil
by Robert Lutz January 13, 2004
An attempt by the Earth Federation to mass-produce the Gundam during the middle of the One-Year War.

However, it's just an el cheapo wannabe. Pronounced the same way that gym is.
"Sweet, I got a Gundam!"
"Nah dude, that's just a GM."
by MSV July 16, 2005
People who use this word meaning Great Man, but really people who use it for themselves are in fact Gay Man.
Cameron thinks he a GM, but really he is a gay man.
Eddy is the greatest man ever.
by eddy1 May 03, 2005
aonym for the 'great man'. actually a complete tool who resides in australia
gm's coming over for tennis tonight
by sj February 11, 2004
grundel monsees.
a team filled with crust bucket players and familys. lower tax brackets. see "slop" for additional deffinition.
by henchmen October 25, 2003
Stands for Generic Mafia. A sweet halo clan.
GM kicks ass.
by Anonymous October 21, 2003
A sick and twisted gimp, known for lying more than Pinnochio.
That GM. What a damn retard.
by anon. August 15, 2003

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