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g unit stands for "gang unit" which is a police cruiser in all black
that deals specifically with gangs
run holmes the g unit is coming
by boogiedude November 20, 2009
The Worst R&b Group Ever
they claim to be rapper's
but if you listen to 50 cent
he sings,
g-unit stands for gorilla unit,
but ive heard it also stands for
gay unit
The Members Of G - Unit,
Lloyd Banked stuck his
dick into Half Dolla's Bum
while Sucking Tony Yoyo's Dick
While Olivia, I mean Oliver Was
Using The Video Recorder
by iBrown July 02, 2008
A sik ass group
they better than dat bitch ass fuckers ja rule and gotti and the dick sucker murder inc
by North End Murdera December 06, 2003
g-unit anthor stupid shit curtis(50cent) made up for himself to look kool real thing is he was bored so he made some shit up
he could of been like dam those gorilas look kool and his gang was called unit so he sayed hey we could cll are sevels g unit
by don't wrry August 12, 2003
the "g" stands for geffensphere. A g-unit is a theoretical particle of negative matter. It has been suggested that there is a whole other universe consisting of g-units. This universe acts in a reverse manner to the one we currently inhabit!!
"its a guniverse where rap is country and western"
by the mad monk! June 07, 2005
A rap group nameed after their apperance gorillas.
wow those g unit guys do look like gorillas
by chris March 25, 2005
g-unit was a group of gangsters who originated from Salsburgh, Scotland.Gurella Unit was the gangs name.50 cent stole this name from them.
by g November 01, 2003