what some people may define as being cool, i define as just meaning, 'gay unit'
what a shitty name
by t0m3x May 23, 2004
all u retards g-unit means GUN IT
the name of 50 cent's gay group is g-unit
by funkmonk28 March 13, 2004
gay unit
50 cents fuck toys
by *!?!* February 20, 2004
Standing for gay unit. Also meaning, a homosexuals penis.

part 1 - G (gay)
part 2 - Unit (slang for penis)
Man, Elton John and 50 Cent apparently both have g-units!
by smartass January 11, 2004
what you say when you see ur grandma sewing
(you see your grandma sewing and say to her) "g unit"
by ryan December 28, 2003
gggggg grasshopper unit
beastie boyz song
by jjj dak November 29, 2003
g-unit was a group of gangsters who originated from Salsburgh, Scotland.Gurella Unit was the gangs name.50 cent stole this name from them.
by g November 01, 2003

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