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(NOT THE RAP GROUP) BUT G UNITS ARE obnoxious wannabe gangsters that show up at parties with a group of guys with tall tees and when you step on their shoes in a crowded room they get mad and try to fight you and also when you try to kick them out of a party they get stupid and yell out territorial sayings such as "deep south side" or "west-side" and random numbers signifying something. They ruin everything and scare the girls away.
G UNIT- Group of gangsters that stand by the wall at parties or raves and scare the girls away with their gross ass stares.

Wannabe Thugs
by faustelo July 10, 2011
some fake ass wankstas who love the smell of dick in theyre ass
who this gunit bitch
just a gunit snitch
banks thinks hes tough talkin bout he gunna play
but when dem gangstas come around he run away
he a black joker
a crack smoker
he need fuckin help
he dont get girls either, he touch him self
by Junell November 08, 2006
1. a phrase that hicks call wiggers and niggers
2. a bunch of fags that think they can rap
3. type of shitty weed
1. them there G units r in my way
2. 50 is the fag leader of G unit
3. 5 for a dime of G unit
by T G April 12, 2006
Rappers 50 Cent, Young Buck, and Llyod Banks. All formed the group G Unit. Short for Guerilla Unit, and guerilla is a type of terrorist.
"G Unit in the house! wa nigga wa! G Unit in the house! wa wa wa wa wa!"
by Vulture1 August 31, 2005
A grand-father/mother/uncle/any other relative. Also used as a general term for relatives that you are not very close with.
I'd love to to the movies with you, but my parents are putting on a big thing and all my G- Units will be there.
by Joccoli August 19, 2007
another term for grandparents
Jay: I'm goin to my g-units' house for Christmas.
Paul: straight.
by Sarah Notorious September 21, 2006
Gunit is not "ganster uit" it is "Guerilla unit" get it right faggets
lloyd banks, 50 cent, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, The Game, Olivia
by john March 29, 2005