A rap group nameed after their apperance gorillas.
wow those g unit guys do look like gorillas
by chris March 25, 2005
T:the hood
Damn these g-units be hatin on me! SHIIT!
by Will Patrovic March 24, 2005
A horrible rap group
Fake rhymes about nothing
by Dmodex March 09, 2005
Garbage Unit. They are the people who come (usually on Sundays) to puck the trash up out of your yard. They get payed mad dough though, so lookout!
The G-unit came by earlier and got the trash, although they looked so gay I may as well have killed them with a stray bullet.
by Brandon Bizlatch March 07, 2005
gay unit, a mixture of concrete slab face 53 cents and a dime, and some other fags
ggggggggg GAY UNIT nit nitN n n NIT
by gfag February 07, 2005
actually stands for gorilla unit NOT guerilla unit because "fiddy" think hes clever when in reality he is a media whore who gets a very small percentage of the money his music and overpriced clothing is making because hes too dumb to read contracts before he signs them and therefore gets screwed
white educated lawyer:hey fiddy sign this legal waiver joint here and all the biznatches will think you're fly
fiddy:yeye fo sho g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-g...
white educated lawyer: stop that
fiddy: sorry
by the angry mexican December 02, 2004
A mafia of 5 boys in Detroit also called the Mercenary Union. Main pupose is to steal and get money any way posibble. Consist of DeVontae, Nikko, DeOnte, Donnell and Schuyler.
G unit got all of the schools caculators in that locker.
by Adriano Hernandez September 28, 2004

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