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all the bad music of todays world all wraped in to one tight lil gangsta named 50 cent(in England the term "50 cent means gay)
yo yo what is up my super fly G Unit dog, shall we roll down to the candy shop?
by Kebo² March 22, 2006
An Anime kid is often spotted by the smell they give off, other common trates of an Anime Kid are bad and torn up clothing, glasses, the over use of stupid puns and catch lines(Bomb, Sweet, ect.) and the biggest trate of all is the fact they all think they are artits', even though every thig they do is the same dam thing over and over again. Anime Kids often have there very own section of any room the are in. Now i ask you all to stop this Pandemic and stop Anime all together, it's giving real artist' a bad reputation....fuckin loser Anime Kids
Holy shit you smell bad you smelly smelly Anime Kid, take a bath.
by Kebo² March 22, 2006

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