Rap for the suburbs.
Yo, lets listen to G unit in are moms Honda.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
Morons seem to think that those of us saying g-unit stands for "gay-unit" or similar are being serious. Wake up. You must be FUCKING retarded. Anyone who seriously believes that people actually think its 'gay unit' needs a cat scan. We are just giving him shit as he deserves. 50 cent is the most overplayed, overpublicised, overcommercialised, overhyped and underskilled rapper in todays industry. I compare 50's skillz with those of the big brovaz (if any of you actually remember their song "nu flow", the absolute whackest song of the century)- those cunts, those fucking disgraces to hip hop. Also, those of you who think eminem is "the" white rapper -- SURPRISE!! i can think of 20 white rappers off the top of my head, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, King Syze, Celph Titled, Esoteric, Ill Bill, Necro, Sabac Red, Goretex, Crypt The Warchild - to name a few, all white rappers (some of foreign backgrounds allowing them to classify into the 'black' scene). Todays real rappers are the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks and the Army Of The Pharoahs clique, and anyone falling under them. 50 cent is HIP-POP. He is liked by 12 year old girls and little spoiled white kids who think lifes all too hard. Those really from the street will know and understand, and those who dont are fucking stupid for not figuring it out yet. Oh and Young Buck? Tony Yayo? both EAT DICK. Lloyd Banks is the only semi skilled member of g-unit. I hope a real gangster like GZA or Ghostface fuck them all up.
example? g-unit like the company of little boys. enough said. One day Celph Titled will get sick of his shit, and blast his head to the hamptons
by RATFUCK January 16, 2007
some fake ass wankstas who love the smell of dick in theyre ass
who this gunit bitch
just a gunit snitch
banks thinks hes tough talkin bout he gunna play
but when dem gangstas come around he run away
he a black joker
a crack smoker
he need fuckin help
he dont get girls either, he touch him self
by Junell November 08, 2006
another term for grandparents
Jay: I'm goin to my g-units' house for Christmas.
Paul: straight.
by Sarah Notorious September 21, 2006
G-unit stands for...

G - gash!

U - useless
N - nasty
I - insolent
T - twats

The rap-band consists of:
1.50 cent (thats all hes worth)
2.tuna mayo (goes by the name tony yayo)
3.young buck (never guna grow up)
4.lloyds tsb banks (looks like a horse)

thats about it
they cannot sing
the end!!
5 year old school kid with 10 bomberjackets on to make his 'guns' look big. o yer, gotta be black

dont forget hes got boo-boo-be-gone painted all over his shoes to make them o-so pearlescently white

gay!g unit scum
by dave1234567 September 19, 2006
THE WORST EVER FUCKING RAP BAND EVER! They are in it for the money not the music. All wannabee's. Much better Bands:
- Run Dmc
- Nwa
- Bone thugs n Harmony
- Wu tang Clan
- Public Enemy
.Its a shame people are only in the rap game for the money and the fame. G unit are a perfect exmpele of this.
by LilEdzThaPimp July 30, 2006
1. a phrase that hicks call wiggers and niggers
2. a bunch of fags that think they can rap
3. type of shitty weed
1. them there G units r in my way
2. 50 is the fag leader of G unit
3. 5 for a dime of G unit
by T G April 12, 2006

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