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1. A measure of gravity
2. A group of (wannabe gangstas)negroes who shout out their name with explosive force at random times to promote theirselves like prostutes or women.
3.Gorilla Unit-A group of people (usually negroes)who have the brain capacity as an angry gorilla during "the season"
1.The moon has 1/6 G unit
2.Interviewer"So i hear that yuor new ablum the massacre is gonna.." 50 cent peice "GGGGGG UNIT!!!! Sorry i had to let that out"
3. The gorilla unit in afghanistan killed an american soldier today.
by Loyded Buck Shoot 9 April 11, 2005
g-unit aka g u n i tizze g-unit b type gangsta and lloyd banks iz b the most gangstaist of them all
yo i dont wana here ne of you alpo bitch ass niggas talkin bout my nigga lloyd banks kuz hes off the shiznite
by will August 11, 2004
A not too street, not too poppy mediocre subpar rap group.
Cracka, you more lame than G-Unit!
by IJM October 01, 2003
Unit of Gibbs free energy as demonstrated by the O'Reilly Factor. Units are defined as kg/mol (read as kilojoules per mole)
What is the units of G?

Or, What is the G Unit?
by Who is reilly April 28, 2010
GINGER UNIT for gingas to unite as 1 and face the world as victims of ginger assault
jaimie harris- megan peter robert mitchelle get back in your biscuit tin gingers gingers
megan peter robert- lets form a g unit to face our demons together
by Em el n jo September 07, 2005
Garbage Unit. They are the people who come (usually on Sundays) to puck the trash up out of your yard. They get payed mad dough though, so lookout!
The G-unit came by earlier and got the trash, although they looked so gay I may as well have killed them with a stray bullet.
by Brandon Bizlatch March 07, 2005
Guerrilla Unit. Members include 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck, the recently freed Tony Yayo, and the newly signed Game.
G-Unit nigga.
by Young 'Toine February 03, 2004