(NOT THE RAP GROUP) BUT G UNITS ARE obnoxious wannabe gangsters that show up at parties with a group of guys with tall tees and when you step on their shoes in a crowded room they get mad and try to fight you and also when you try to kick them out of a party they get stupid and yell out territorial sayings such as "deep south side" or "west-side" and random numbers signifying something. They ruin everything and scare the girls away.
G UNIT- Group of gangsters that stand by the wall at parties or raves and scare the girls away with their gross ass stares.

Wannabe Thugs
by faustelo July 10, 2011
Unit of Gibbs free energy as demonstrated by the O'Reilly Factor. Units are defined as kg/mol (read as kilojoules per mole)
What is the units of G?

Or, What is the G Unit?
by Who is reilly April 28, 2010
g unit stands for "gang unit" which is a police cruiser in all black
that deals specifically with gangs
run holmes the g unit is coming
by boogiedude November 20, 2009
The Worst R&b Group Ever
they claim to be rapper's
but if you listen to 50 cent
he sings,
g-unit stands for gorilla unit,
but ive heard it also stands for
gay unit
The Members Of G - Unit,
Lloyd Banked stuck his
dick into Half Dolla's Bum
while Sucking Tony Yoyo's Dick
While Olivia, I mean Oliver Was
Using The Video Recorder
by iBrown July 02, 2008
A grand-father/mother/uncle/any other relative. Also used as a general term for relatives that you are not very close with.
I'd love to to the movies with you, but my parents are putting on a big thing and all my G- Units will be there.
by Joccoli August 19, 2007
Rap for the suburbs.
Yo, lets listen to G unit in are moms Honda.
by Baraconda February 19, 2007
Morons seem to think that those of us saying g-unit stands for "gay-unit" or similar are being serious. Wake up. You must be FUCKING retarded. Anyone who seriously believes that people actually think its 'gay unit' needs a cat scan. We are just giving him shit as he deserves. 50 cent is the most overplayed, overpublicised, overcommercialised, overhyped and underskilled rapper in todays industry. I compare 50's skillz with those of the big brovaz (if any of you actually remember their song "nu flow", the absolute whackest song of the century)- those cunts, those fucking disgraces to hip hop. Also, those of you who think eminem is "the" white rapper -- SURPRISE!! i can think of 20 white rappers off the top of my head, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, King Syze, Celph Titled, Esoteric, Ill Bill, Necro, Sabac Red, Goretex, Crypt The Warchild - to name a few, all white rappers (some of foreign backgrounds allowing them to classify into the 'black' scene). Todays real rappers are the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks and the Army Of The Pharoahs clique, and anyone falling under them. 50 cent is HIP-POP. He is liked by 12 year old girls and little spoiled white kids who think lifes all too hard. Those really from the street will know and understand, and those who dont are fucking stupid for not figuring it out yet. Oh and Young Buck? Tony Yayo? both EAT DICK. Lloyd Banks is the only semi skilled member of g-unit. I hope a real gangster like GZA or Ghostface fuck them all up.
example? g-unit like the company of little boys. enough said. One day Celph Titled will get sick of his shit, and blast his head to the hamptons
by RATFUCK January 16, 2007

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