g-unit was a group of gangsters who originated from Salsburgh, Scotland.Gurella Unit was the gangs name.50 cent stole this name from them.
by g November 01, 2003
g-unit anthor stupid shit curtis(50cent) made up for himself to look kool real thing is he was bored so he made some shit up
he could of been like dam those gorilas look kool and his gang was called unit so he sayed hey we could cll are sevels g unit
by don't wrry August 12, 2003
A gangster's penis.
Damn ho you want some mad lovin', check dis g-unit!
by r00fles April 24, 2003
A member of a certain group, characterized by ease of defeat in honorable hand-to-hand combat, but prone to shooting "niggaz" in the back and pretending to also have wounds.
Oh shit, I jus' beat the shit out of them niggaz in G-Unit, cause they ain't never done thrown no bow in they life.
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