THE WORST EVER FUCKING RAP BAND EVER! They are in it for the money not the music. All wannabee's. Much better Bands:
- Run Dmc
- Nwa
- Bone thugs n Harmony
- Wu tang Clan
- Public Enemy
.Its a shame people are only in the rap game for the money and the fame. G unit are a perfect exmpele of this.
by LilEdzThaPimp July 30, 2006
1. a phrase that hicks call wiggers and niggers
2. a bunch of fags that think they can rap
3. type of shitty weed
1. them there G units r in my way
2. 50 is the fag leader of G unit
3. 5 for a dime of G unit
by T G April 12, 2006
1. Rap group produced by Eminem and Dr. Dre, started by rapper 50 Cent.

2. Phrase used to confirm, beyond any shadow of a doubt, you are suburban and don't listen to any true rap.

3. Taunt used by white kids to tease other white kids that try to act "black" whether they be urban or suburban.
1. "Hey Jeremy. I heard there's a new G-Unit albulm."

2. "Yo! G-G-G-G-G UNIT!"

3. "Hey Caleb! You're a wigger! G-G-G-G-G Unit!"
by Jamie Ray April 02, 2006
all the bad music of todays world all wraped in to one tight lil gangsta named 50 cent(in England the term "50 cent means gay)
yo yo what is up my super fly G Unit dog, shall we roll down to the candy shop?
by Kebo² March 22, 2006
A group of faggots led by a pussy named 50 Cent. They act all tough like they are thugs, but they are all pussy.
Here are the members-
50 Cent- Buck-Toothed fake gangster
Lloyd Banks- WANGSTA
Young Buck- Hick from Tennessee
Tony Yayo- Only real g who is a bad rapper
Olivia- Bitch whose tits arent real
Ma$e- newest member- faggot priest who uses kids in his songs
Mobb Deep- good until they signed with g-unit
Johnny- Im a gangsta cuz i like 50 Cent and G-unit
Me- u can take ur g-unit and shove it up ur ass wangsta.
by ZZFRESH December 31, 2005
A terrible clothing line started by 50 cent to promote his rap crew "gorilla unit". You can find it at Ross Dress For Less and Marshalls on the oversized rack. The style follows in the tradition of FUBU, Sean John, Mecca, Kani, Phat Farm and RocaWear. Not to be mistaken for WuWear, which is actually hot apparel.
That lame rapper 50 cent sold out his crew to put "g unit!" on muumuu sized t-shirts that can be seen worn by that murderer Joren Vandersloot.
by Jokum Istanbul October 02, 2005
GINGER UNIT for gingas to unite as 1 and face the world as victims of ginger assault
jaimie harris- megan peter robert mitchelle get back in your biscuit tin gingers gingers
megan peter robert- lets form a g unit to face our demons together
by Em el n jo September 07, 2005

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