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a 20-21 year old male. who, without any known explination, does not have his drivers liscense.
Young Mans Mother -"i can't believe hes pulling a gayo on us. I am so tired of driving his ass to work."
by Slippery When Wet April 05, 2005
A group of gays in a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order among gays.

Could be confusion CAUSED by gays, or just many gays being confused.
While the boys and I were on vacation in Costa Rica, a scorpion got into the bedroom - and oh lordy! Complete Gayos broke out!! Jeff was squealing, Glenn was jumping on the bed, Steve was shrieking, only Dwight was composed enough to catch it and get it out of the room.
by Hal Gill April 06, 2011
a gayo is an anal retentive person who brownoses the teachers.
man that gayo is brownosing the teacher. He's even correcting the class papers.
by Debamas June 01, 2006
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