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G unit started when 50 Cent joined with Half a Buck (Young Buck) to create ONE dollar which they then used to purchase some extra cheap latex condoms for their sinister anal rituals. After they cleaned up and ran out of condoms they realized they would need more money to buy condoms so they could keep enjoying each other's anuses.

That's when they ran into Sperm Banks (Lloyd Banks) who suggested they form a rap/homo group with him. They named it G-Unit which stands for Gay Unit or GangBang Unit whichever u prefer. Then Tony Gayo or Tuna Mayo as he likes to be called during gay sex came along and asked if he could join the group. 50 Pence said yes, but he would need to prove he was trustworthy. Later that nite Gayo's asshole had been torn open to a diameter of 34cm after multiple penetrations from Gay Unit. He was now "in".

So Gay Unit looked around for more people to include in their male porno set, they then found Oliver, some kind of Chinese prostitute who recently had a sex change. She changed her name to Olivia and said she was a woman. However, Gay Unit got a big surprise later that night.

And this is how Gay Unit was born.
0.50c - "Ay YO, Sperm Banks ma G Unit brudda come here n giv me a wanksta"

Sperm Banks - "Wat be dat homie?"

0.50c - "It's where u wank me off gangsta style holdin ma cock side ways"

Sperm Banks - "Jeaaaah"
by McKENT October 02, 2007

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