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Female code for "This relationship is over"
Hunny, we need to talk...
by t0m3x May 20, 2004
The action of catching a fart in your hand and then throwing it at somebodys face
Filthy Bastard: "Fire in the whole!"
Guy: *Knocks filthy bastard the fuck out*
by t0m3x May 20, 2004
Somewhere bullied kids can go to try and appear 'cool' and 'hard', kinda like this site.
I got called fat today at school, i'll think i will go and play counterstrike and call a someone else fat.
by t0m3x May 20, 2004
Lord backwards, but also the meaning for 'turd' in dutch.
coincidence? See religion
by t0m3x May 20, 2004
The action feeling your sweaty scrotom and then slapping a friend in the face.
Argh m8, you stuck your tongue out when you got smegged!
by t0m3x May 20, 2004
what some people may define as being cool, i define as just meaning, 'gay unit'
what a shitty name
by t0m3x May 23, 2004
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