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When a girl is sitting down and she farts, but instead of the fart escaping through the back, it moves to the front and into the vagina. The fart then re-releases, as a queef. But, it is a combination of both, hence Fueef.
Girl 1: Did you just fart?
Girl 2: Sort of, it was a fueef.
by MysticFire October 21, 2009
When you fart and queef at the same time.
Bobby: did you just queef?
Hayden: I farted and queefed at the same time
Bobby: oh you fueefed?
by Harizola December 24, 2014
A fueef occurs during anal sex when, very much like a queef air becomes trapped in as you're pulling out, only to escape suddenly producing a fart sound when you push back in. A combination of fart and queef.
"Dude I was pounding this girl doggystyle and she fueefed right on my dick. I got dressed and left".
by Johnny Hammerbone February 09, 2012
a verb which is related to the commonly used word 'queef' but instead of a Q it has an f in it's place. Used to describe someone who is good looking
wow you just fueefed you must be good in bed.
that girl fueefed, I can tell
I like it when you fueef
by ghosthunter5000 December 13, 2010
a strong force coming out of the vagina. stronger than a queef more like a fart or shart
Kapy fueefed a hole into her panties
by kapy train October 08, 2009

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