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When a girl is sitting down and she farts, but instead of the fart escaping through the back, it moves to the front and into the vagina. The fart then re-releases, as a queef. But, it is a combination of both, hence Fueef.
Girl 1: Did you just fart?
Girl 2: Sort of, it was a fueef.
#fart #queef #quif #flatulence #pass gas
by MysticFire October 21, 2009
A male demon that prays upon living males for sexual pleasures. Similar to an Incubus or Succubus.
Guy 1: Duude, the other night I was attacked by a Homobus and he touched me inappropriately, then disappeared into thin air!!!

Guy 2: WTF?!
#incubus #succubus #gay demon #gay ghost #homo
by MysticFire November 06, 2009
Sex flashes occur to someone who used to be really sexually active then stops cold turkey. If sexual intercourse does not occur soon, sex flashes begin - sudden, uncontrollable urges to have sex with anyone.
Girl 1: I have not had sex in a LONG time!! I'm getting desperate.

Girl 2: What do you mean?

Girl 1: I have had several sex flashes when I see random hot guys!!
#sex #sexually active #hot flash #dry spell #desperate
by MysticFire June 22, 2011
When a guy you have no type of sexual relationship with sends you a text at an extremely late (or early) hour wanting some sort of sexual favor - similar to sleep texting, but with their dick.
Friend1: So "bob" was dick texting me last night :/
Friend 2: no wayyy! What did he say?
Friend 1: that he wanted to do like we did our first time.. 2 YEARS AGO!!
#dick #penis #text #texting #booty text
by MysticFire March 02, 2011
A combination between tomboy and bro. A girl that is really attractive but is down to earth. She can be "one of the guys" while maintaining feminine qualities. Will drink a beer, participate in sexual conversations, and will never read into to anything.
Guy 1: Who invited the chick to guys game night??
Guy 2: Oh don't worry dude, she's cool.

Guy 1: But she is a girl...and HOT.

Guy 2: Ya man, but she's like a tombro, she's got a sick poker face.
#tomboy #bro #chick #hot #cool
by MysticFire November 20, 2011
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