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The act of queefing. Verb, past tense, meaning to pussy fart.
Amanda queefed while she was in the bathroom.
by Katherine Corrow October 22, 2007
Verb, past-tense: (1) The act of expelling air from a body orifice, specifically the vagina. (2) Electronics: A part, usually a semiconductor, that smokes or burns-up sometimes emitting a similar sound. Adjective: (1) Any malfunctioning device or (2) any object that has been broken, destroyed or damaged beyond repair.
Verb (1) "Pat really smelled like a dead tuna; I think she queefed." (2) "I was working on this amplifier last night and the output transistor queefed." Adjective: (1) "My TV queefed last night; the picture just went off." (2) "Tom got drunk last night and queefed his car; ran it straight into a light pole."
by PhantomTechnician April 26, 2015
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