Fob is also known as Fresh Off the Beehengi, for all of you that are korean...if you're not, beehengi is plane. I think the Fobs are the ones that made this word up because how else would you know the word beehengi if you aren't a FOB?
"dude, look at that Fob and the super bright colors that she's wearing...they don't even match!"
by anonymusanonymus September 27, 2005
a flash drive
hey did you seen jon he got a 4 gb fob
by Carter90 April 22, 2009
1. Fresh Of The Boat
2. variation of WOP, without papers
Origins can be tracked back to Ellis Island with the huge influx of immagrants flooding into the United States in the late 1800's.
The workers on Ellis Island coined the term when immagrants who spoke no English nor had and sense of "Americanism" arrived. Used in a derrogatory sense.
Later FOB became popular in the 50's on remote vacation destinations (Hawaii etc..) and still later in California with the huge rush of Vietnamese immagrants in the late 70's and 80's.
Hey John, that new kid Phoeng is such a FOB - did you see what he's wearing...(insert cruel 9 year old laugh)
by Bud E Love May 06, 2003
Fall Out Boy, one third of the emo trinity
Today I learned that FOB is apart of the emo trinity and that brendon uries forehead is huge and Patrick Stump is short
by Fabulous Killjoy May 14, 2015
Form an abbreviation of "fresh off the boat," originally meant anyone who was a recent immigrant or acted like one, but now used mostly on Asians. It used to be used to describe anyone immigrant-like, but now it is used more often as describing a young person who is stereotypically Asian-American (ex- listening to Korean music, being extremely smart, watching anime, reading manga, etc.). Can also be used as 'fobby,' fobbish,' etc. A common fob pose is making a peace sign with your hands. A less-common usage is as an abbreviation for the band Fall Out Boy.
That new girl is so fobby. She's in AP Stats, has an iPod full of Korean music, and has a bookshelf filled with manga books.


How was the FOB concert last night?
by randomsmileys March 12, 2010
in australia/new zealand its a short way of saying islander
amy- we got a new kid
john- wat nash iz he
amy- dunn0 lookz fob
john- eshays
by eshayz ladzticks November 10, 2006
In addition to an extremely racist term to describe someone who attempts to integrate into American culture despite not speaking the language and is looked down on by society for being different, it also means a keychain or lanyard.
Check out my cute new Hello Kitty fob! My friend Art sent it to me from JAPAN, yo.
by purplefeltangel March 10, 2006
A racially derogatory term used by confused Asian Americans who forgot their roots. They subconsciously think they are somehow superior because they can speak "white" language better than their native brothers and sisters. It's so ingrained in them that they think it is funny. Ever wonder why English in Asian accent sounds funny whereas European accent is considered sexy? Wake up Twinkies and Black Wannabes!
Adj. He/she sounds like a fob.

N. That fob is so goofy.
by Yi Hwang February 25, 2006

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