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An alternative to having a girlfriend
"I just got rejected again, oh well, guess it's just me and my hand again"
by .. December 11, 2003
the crapper
whoa, check out that crap in that toilet, it looks like maria!
by .. June 10, 2003
A beautiful sounding combination of two words in the English language.

Most people first heard cellar door as a "beautiful" combination, thanks to the movie 'Donnie Darko'. Which is a VERY cool movie.

cystic fibrosisties first with cellar door. As they both sound great.

Words starting with C but are pronounced as an S make pretty words.
say it! "cellar door" ooooooooooooooooh. feel the prettiness!
by .. December 23, 2004
What someone says when they see something grotesque or an extremely ugly person.

Originated from The Simpsons
"Hey Johnny, did you know Rosie O'Donnell starred on Playboy, it's right here"

by .. January 02, 2004
The coolest person alive!!
"There's Lynsey Brown! She's far too cool!"
by .. April 06, 2005
hot, sexy, do able, touch able, orgasmic
filteau is makes me orgasmic, sexy filteau is in my bed
by .. March 28, 2005
fucking pretty
shes fretty!
by .. January 13, 2004
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